Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Been a Long Time. I Shouldn't Have Left You Without a Dope.....wait I'm not a Rapper!

Hey TrelleBlazers,

These past few months have been a whirlwind. I had so much going on but I didn't have alot to say :-( And, I didn't want to say anything just to be saying something. Today, I just want to encourage somebody that it's ok to take some time for yourself. It's ok to take stock of your current situation. It's ok to restrategize and refocus. And one of the oxymorons that I've been embracing and learning is this. It's ok to be selfish and selfless at the same daggone time. What that means is it's ok for you to be giving and loving and do for others. It's also totally ok for you to be concerned with yourself. Sometimes, we look at our lives and we're last on the list. We often celebrate people for that. But, that's not healthy. If you're no good for yourself, you'll never be good for anyone else. So, recharge and renew and re-evaluate your plans for YOU! And once you've done that, jump right back out in the game. It's one thing to dream dreams. It's another thing to chase dreams. Now is the time to make your dreams your reality!

Until next time (and I promise it won't be as long), be good to yourself...I love you all to life!


Ms. TrelleBlazer

Monday, May 5, 2014

Danger, Curves Ahead

Being a plus size fashionista sometimes poses a bit of a problem. There are so many curvy girls who are proud of their curves and want to show them off tastefully. Unfortunately, there are still so many designers who think all big girls want to look like a frump or the others who think we want to look like a cheap, tacky mess. So, what's a girl to do when you want to look and feel fabulous, but you can't find what you need? Online shopping has been a Godsend to me. There are many designers now who design with the curvy girl in mind. We all know that one misplaced dart or seam can take you from looking like a curvy bombshell to someone who's expecting a bundle of joy any day now. Some of my favorite websites right now are Monif C., Kiyonna and Igigi. They are not outrageously expensive, however you won't find $29.99 dresses here. These are investment pieces, but they are cut to flatter a fuller figure. So embrace those curves ladies and flaunt your stuff. (Please remember though, Spanx or other shapers are most definitely your friend!)

One of the most important things to note is that YOU have to embrace your curves. Decide what you want to accent and do that! Accent something that you love about yourself; be it your snatched waist or your killer legs, show off your 'ladies' with a beautiful decolletage neckline. Classy is always classic. And a well put together woman, no matter her size, is ALWAYS in style!

Until next time, be good to yourselves TrelleBlazers!

Smooches :-)

Ms. TrelleBlazer

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Overthink It!-Launch Out in the Deep

Have any of you ever been on a jet ski? My first time riding a jet ski it was exhilarating. I couldn't believe I was actually in the middle of the ocean. And then I realized.....I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WATER ON A JET SKI. And I froze. And I stopped. And I removed my hands from the gas on the jet ski. And me and the jet ski toppled over in the water. 

There are times in life when we've finally pushed past our fears and we're doing things that we want to do. We're doing things that we've longed to do; things that we're destined to do..Everything is going well. Things are falling into place. Then, we overthink it. We think about all the reasons why we shouldn't be doing it. Why we aren't qualified. Why it won't work. And then......We take our hands off and we topple over in the water.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't plan. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be prepared. But what we shouldn't do is to second guess ourselves. If you get in the middle of it and you need to readjust, do that! Make adjustments. But don't overthink it! Sometimes, you do indeed have to just go with the flow. Have confidence in yourself and have confidence in your plan and work your plan. Because the truth of the matter is you've already put in alot of the work at this point. So in the middle of it is when you have so much more to lose. You've invested your time, your talents and everything else that goes along with that. So let's change our thought process. The next time you're in the middle of it and those doubting questions start popping up, kick them to the curb. Don't take your hands off! Because as long as your hands are securely fastened to it, you won't topple over in the water.

Until next time TrelleBlazers, be good to yourselves :-)

Ms. TrelleBlazer

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too Late? There's Really No Such Thing

Today, I want to deviate from accessories and music and fashion and chat about something a little different. I want to ask you a few questions. Are you fulfilled with where you are? Are you satisfied? Are you just going with the flow? If you're cool with where you are, great. But, if you, like many others realize that there's so much more that you want to do, why aren't you doing it? Are you scared? Have you been so let down in the past, that it's just become easier to go with the flow? Or have you just convinced yourself that you're ok, knowing that you're really not..When some people train their animals, they put up electronic fences. If the animal gets too close, they get zapped. After a while, the animal just knows and is trained not to get close. The owner can then remove or disarm the mechanism because the animal just won't go. For so many years, I was like that. I had been shocked so many times that I didn't realize that the fence was now gone. The only thing that was holding me back was me and my memories. Even once I realized that freedom was just over the 'gate', the memory of the shock was enough to keep me right in my little area. Until one day I decided that even if I got shocked, knocked down or whatever, it was worth it to break out of the comfortable spot I'd been saying. And realistically, that shock wouldn't have killed me, it would have just been painful for a moment. How many times in life do we pass up opportunities that would be so rewarding simply because we don't want to feel a temporary pain. I've got news for you. Change and growth are painful, but the pain is so temporary that when you feel the reward you wonder why you hesitated in the first place. It's never to late to be who you want to be, to do what you should have done, and go where you want to go. Whatever you put your mind to is possible for you to do. Go back to school, start that business, try something different that you wanted to do. Yes, it will take work. Yes, there will be sacrifices. Yes you may lose some 'friends' along the way. Yes, it might not even be successful. But if you never try how will you ever know. Who cares what people will say! And for the person reading this saying, 'It's just too late', well the only time it will be too late is the day you cease breathing. So until then, get going. You can do it.

Until next time, be good to yourselves. Smooches TrelleBlazers:-)

Ms. TrelleBlazer

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday's TrelleBlazer

.......... a Renaissance man
     ..........a style BEAST! 
             ......a vocal powerhouse

These are just a few words that come to mind when you think of Tuesday's TrelleBlazer....He is a true testament that the good you put out in the atmosphere definitely will come back to you..Some call it karma...Others call it reaping and sowing.

It is my pleasure to introduce to some and present to others, the incomparable Mr. Russell Taylor.

I "met" Russell about 6 years ago on social media. From that time until now, there is one word that comes to mind when describing him; consistent!

Russell's voice has a commanding presence and to watch (and listen to) him captivate an audience is truly magical! I am a true fan of his artistry and his passion for his craft. One thing that I appreciate about Russell is the fact that he is unapologetically HIM. In an industry that is overloaded with cliches and carbon copies, his originality and unique style definitely makes you stop, look and listen. His lyrics and music are thoughtful and heartfelt and allows the listener to be in the front seat of his soul baring journey. Although his name may be new to some, he's not new to this, however he's the perfect blend of fresh and raw coupled with vintage rock-soul. For these reasons and many more, he was VH1’s first-ever crowd-sourced “You Oughta Know” winner in December 2013

Russell Taylor is a star on the rise and a force to be reckoned with. We salute you Russell Taylor!

To purchase Russell's latest single, "War of Hearts, please go to 

 The single "War of Hearts" currently on VH1's + Music Playlist
* AT&T featured National commercial for single "War of Hearts" (Airing now)
* "War of Hearts" featured on The N's DEGRASSI New Generation (current Season)
* "War of Hearts" Featured on VH1's The Black Ink Crew Show
* "War of Hearts" Just added to Centric TV Playlist
* "War of Hearts" Featured on ABC Family "The Fosters" (February, 2014)

Twitter - @RsoulStar
Instagram - @RSoulStar

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Own Your Style!

Often times people will say to me, "I love your look" or "I love your style"..."You always look so nice"..."Only YOU can pull that off"... I couldn't disagree more. Anyone can pull off any look at any time. What changes the success of execution is really your confidence and your attitude. I am a huge risk taker when it comes to fashion. I don't generally follow rules, but rather I make my own as I go. Some risks pay off in a major way and others not so much. But even when making fashion mistakes, OWN IT! Sometimes people will say "I don't like that outfit " or "I don't like your hair". My general response is usually along the lines of "ok" or "thanks for your feedback". There are very few times that I'm bothered by the opinions of others. People that DON'T follow trends RARELY please the masses. Do I like for others to like my look? Of course. Do I NEED them to? Absolutely not. I'm trying to do things that haven't been done; create looks that have never been seen; change the game! So whatever your look is, do you. But most importantly, OWN it. You're the best YOU that there is. So stop trying to be someone else's cheap knockoff. Own your style, unapologetically.......

Until next time TrelleBlazers, be good to yourself...

Ms. TrelleBlazer

Monday, March 10, 2014

Just A Few Musings

Smooches TrelleBlazers! Hope you're having a fabulous day. Today, more than ever, refuse to conform, but instead carve your own path. You were never created to be mediocre. Your existence is meant to be extraordinary.

Until next time, be good to yourself.....

Love Y'all

Ms. TrelleBlazer