Thursday, October 8, 2015

So much to say but really nothing to say at all

Blogging had become my outlet. I was getting into a groove and it felt good. Then, I hit a wall. I had so many things to talk about. I started so many fantabulous posts, but then I I sharing too much? am I not sharing enough? The biggest thing was I didn't want to put out a blog JUST for the sake of saying "I posted something this week" times past, the blog had been organic. It just sort of became..... Well, now I'm back. Refocused, rejuvenated and ready? But, I want to know, what do YOU wanna hear? More fashion? More faith? In a sea that's overcrowded with every kind of blog you can imagine, I don't want to just be one more. I want it to be beneficial to the reader and for you to have some kind of takeaway. So comment and let me hear your thoughts... I'm ready....

Until next time TrelleBlazers, be good to yourself! Muah

1 comment:

  1. Well as a wife I would love to hear experiences that have helped you. As a lover of all things hair..maybe some of your before and afters or style/hair care tips.